How To Earn Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Written by Brent Wilson on December 1, 2020
BAT Logo
BAT Logo

Basic Attention Token (BAT) went live with its ICO on May 31, 2017, and has made a name for itself in the advertising industry as a privacy-oriented method for advertisers to reach consumers through the Brave web browser.

Check out the sections below on ways you can earn or buy BAT.

Buying BAT

Buying BAT is the most obvious and straightforward way to obtain the token. BAT is available on nearly all, if not all, major cryptocurrency exchanges. Below is a list of known exchanges that support BAT. Feel free to leave a comment if you know of one that is not listed.

Converting Other Crypto To BAT

If you hold other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can exchange/trade it for BAT using various services. A list of some of those services is below. Feel free to leave a comment if a service is not listed.

Note: Any exchange listed above in the Buying BAT section will let you trade many cryptocurrencies for BAT. The below ones are just more straightforward.

Coinbase Rewards

Coinbase Rewards
Coinbase Rewards

Coinbase Rewards will not reward you directly with BAT but the cryptocurrency you are rewarded with can be converted directly to BAT through Coinbase.

These are currently the cryptocurrencies that you can be rewarded with for completing simple tasks such as watching a short video or completing a simple task.

This list will be updated as new rewards become available.

Rewards are available for current and new Coinbase accounts. Create your Coinbase account today.

Using The Brave Browser

Brave BAT Rewards
Brave BAT Rewards

The Brave browser integrates BAT into the browser and offers a few ways that BAT can be earned and given out directly through the browser.

Brave Ads

For those that opt-in to see ads, Brave will deliver notifications through the browser and split the revenue with you 70/30, meaning for every ad that is delivered to your browser, you get to keep 70 percent of the earnings and Brave keeps 30 percent.

The BAT you earn is instantly credited to you and shown in the browser so you can see exactly how much you have earned each month.

Brave requires you to connect your browser to an exchange in order to remove the BAT from the browser wallet. Currently, only Uphold is supported though support for Gemini and Coinbase is planned for 2021.

You can also use your earnings from viewing ads to contribute to and tip creators which you can read about in the section below.

Read the Brave Rewards FAQ to find answers to questions you may have.

Becoming A Creator

Brave Creators
Brave Creators

The Brave Creators program allows people who create content on the internet to sign up as creators. Doing so allows them to be rewarded by Brave browser users who visit their website or content.

The following content can be added through the Brave Creator portal:

  • Website
  • YouTube Channel
  • Twitch Channel
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo Channel
  • Reddit
  • GitHub

Auto Contributions

Brave browser auto-contribute settings
Brave browser auto-contribute settings

For those Brave browser users that opt-in to seeing ads, they also are automatically opted-in to contributing. This can be disabled but if not disabled Brave browser users can select how much BAT will be automatically spread out to creators whose content is viewed over time.

Attention roughly corresponds to the proportion of time spent on a site per month. For example, if you spend 5% of your time on in a given month, then the browser will assign roughly 5% of your attention to in your Auto-Contribute table. When it is time to make your monthly Auto-Contribute contribution, Brave Rewards will divide your monthly budget according to these percentages. If your monthly budget is set to 100 BAT and received 5% of your attention, then will receive a 5 BAT contribution for that month.

Brave FAQ


Tipping via the Brave browser
Tipping via the Brave browser

Another way Brave browser users can reward creators is by manually tipping the creator while viewing their content.

Each creator can choose what their tipping options will be. These settings are configured through the Brave Creator portal.


BAT, while still a baby in the grand scheme of cryptocurrencies, already has a solid base and bright future. See something missing? If you are earning BAT some other way, I’d love to hear about it. Comment below!

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