Move BAT From Browser Wallet On Uphold

Written by Brent Wilson on December 6, 2020
Brave Browser Auto-Contribute Setting
Brave Browser Auto-Contribute Setting

When you earn Basic Attention Token by using the Brave browser the BAT you have earned is sent to Uphold each month if you have verified your wallet.

This quick guide will show you how to move your BAT out of the Brave Browser wallet on Uphold and into the normal BAT wallet.

Many people report that their BAT is being taken out of their Brave browser wallet even though they have the Auto-Contribute option in the browser turned off. Moving the BAT from the Brave browser wallet should stop any attempted withdrawal of your BAT.

Moving Your BAT From Brave Browser Wallet

Moving your BAT from your Brave browser wallet on Uphold is simple. I will be doing this on the new version of Uphold located at

Once you have visited the above link you should see the following page:

Uphold Dashboard
Uphold Dashboard

In the Anything to Anything section, select your Brave browser wallet in the From section and your BAT wallet in the To section like below.

Uphold From / To Example

Then select the amount you want to transfer. I have 6.6 BAT in my Brave browser wallet so I am going to transfer that amount to the BAT wallet.

Uphold From / To values

Click Preview Trade and confirm that everything is how you want it then click Confirm Trade.

Your BAT has now been removed from your Brave wallet and the Brave Browser will no longer have access to that BAT.

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Jack sparrow

I haven’t received BAT from browser to uphold from 2 months what to do

Jack sparrow

I have 2 post and 1DM to @steeven (on Brave community) but still nothing happens. I tried to post on reddit but the autoModrator deleted my post